May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Unit Study

Memorial Day Unit Study

In this unit study we learned more about Memorial Day and the American Flag. This unit study has 3 days of lessons.  I did this study with my 1st grader and would recommend it for Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Book can be read by the child or by the parent to the child, depending on the child's reading level.
Books I used in the lessons...
Memorial Day by Trudi Strains Trueit
The American Flag by Tristan Boyer Binns

Other age appropriate books...
Memorial Day Surprise by Theresa Martin Golding
The Impossible Patriotism Project by Linda Skeers
The Wall by Eve Bunting
The American Flag by Debbie L. Yanuck
The American Flag by Elaine Landau
Memorial Day by Sheri Dean
Memorial Day by Lynn Hamilton

Memorial Day Parade
We went to the parade in town for a little field trip today. 

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