September 30, 2012

Dental Care Day 2: Types of Teeth

Types of Teeth
Read: All About Teeth by Mari Schuh and Snacks for Healthy Teeth by Mari Schuh

Discuss: Humans have 20 baby teeth and then at age 6 or 7 they begin to fall out and we get 32 permanent teeth. There are 206 bones in your body. Of those 206 bones, which are the hardest ones? Yes, teeth are the hardest bones in the human body. If teeth are so hard and strong, then why do they decay and break? Well, it’s because of the germs. We get germs in our teeth when we eat, so we must brush our teeth every day.

Incisors- front 8 teeth for cutting
Canine- 1 next to each outside incisor for tearing
Molars- the back teeth for grinding

Comprehension Questions:
  1. What are the incisors used for? Cutting
  2. What are the canines used for? Tearing
  3. What are the molars used for? Grinding
Totally Teeth!
Discuss: We talked about page 4 and did page 5 of the Parts of a Tooth Speedy Science download. 

Activity:  Then we did the Totally Teeth! activity that I found on pave 27 in The Best of THE MAILBOX Theme Series: Dental Health (Grs. K-1).  J just cut out the types of teeth from the bottom and glued them into the mouth where each type belonged.

Mouth Model


  • Mouth Model download
  • Pink construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
Incisors- for cutting
Canine- for tearing
Molars- for grinding
  1. Cut out the white teeth strips.
  2. Cut out 2 stripes of pink paper 1 inch by 10 inches for the gums.
  3. Cut out 1 piece of pink paper 4x4 inches.
  4. Glue the white teeth to the inside of the gums so that only the teeth stick out.
  5. Then glue the ends of the pink strips to the pink square piece bending the teeth in the shape of a mouth.
Baby Teeth
Discuss:  We discussed page 17 of Parts of a Tooth Speedy Science and looked at J's baby book to see when he got his teeth.
  1. Look at baby book and see when you got your teeth.
  2. Look at the sheet and compare.
  3. Try to remember when you lost your first tooth and which one it was.
  4. Look at the sheet and compare.

The Tooth Fairy Came Last Night
We used this free download to complete the fun poem called The Tooth Fairy Came Last Night and to review coins and their value.

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