March 27, 2012

Christopher Columbus Day 4

1. Review: read "King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella" and "Getting Ready" on page 12 and "Trouble on Board" on page 15 of Hands on History Christopher Columbus by Mary Tucker.

2. Read: pages 31-37 in Columbus by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire.

3. Map Skills: On October 12 (Columbus Day), 1492 Columbus and his crew finally find land. They didn't find Chinese people like they thought they would. He called the people Indians because he thought they must be in India. He named the island San Salvador. Find San Salvador on a map (hint: it's part of the Bahamas). Find India and China on a map. Is San Salvador close to India or China. (no)

4. Comprehension questions:
  • How did the Pinta signal to the other ships that they have spotted land? Fired a cannon shot
  • What was the date when Columbus first spotted the New Land? October 12, 1492
  • How long did Columbus travel the ocean before they found land? Over 2 months
  • What are the first 2 things that Columbus did when he stepped on the land? Put the Spanish flag in the ground and thanked God
  • Columbus thought they had landed in India so what did he call the natives? Indians
  • What did Columbus name the island that they landed on? San Salvador
  • Did Columbus and his men find the gold and treasures that they hoped to find? No, just the nose rings that the Indian's wore.
5. Discuss:  In Columbus' journal he wrote that the Indians would make good servants.  Why did he feel like he was superior (better than) to the Indians?  Even though he felt this way Columbus told his crew to treat the Indians fairly, but they were trading things that were worth only pennies for things that were worth more.  What that fair treatment?  Why?
Read "The Search Goes On" on page 18 of Hands on History Christopher Columbus by Mary Tucker.  How do you think the crew felt when there was no gold for them to find?  What are some of the things that they did find?

Columbus' Discoveries
Review what Columbus wanted to find on his voyage across the ocean.  Then talk about what he actually did find.  We used "Columbus Discoveries" on page 19 of Hands on History Christopher Columbus by Mary Tucker.

A Ship To Sail
We made a ship with "A Ship to Sail" on page 13 of Hands on History Christopher Columbus by Mary Tucker.  We copied the ship onto cardstock and colored it.  
Next we folded it in half and glued styrofoam to the bottom of it.  We were then able to float it in the water.

A Ship To Sail
Columbus Maze
We had a simple Columbus Maze to help Columbus reach the island.  At the bottom of the page it reviews the year that Columbus discovered the New World.

Island Snow Globe
1. San Salvador is an island. An island is another type of landform.
Define island-
Island: a body of land completely surrounded by water.

2.Island Snow Globe
Supplies: Sculpey modeling clay, baby food jar, and glitter
  • Build a mound of clay onto the lid of the jar. Twist the lid in place to make sure it fits properly before making your island.
  • Design your island as desired. J tried to make his island with a tree on it.
  • Bake the lid of your jar with your modeled island according to the instructions.
  • Once thoroughly cooled add water and glitter to your jar, place the lid on the jar and close tightly.

    We added some blue food coloring to it to make it look like water, but then it was harder to see the island so I wouldn't recommend it.

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