March 28, 2012

Christopher Columbus Day 5

1. Review: read "A New World" on page 17 of Hands on History Christopher Columbus by Mary Tucker. 

2. Read: pages 38-43 in Columbus by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire.

3. Map skills: Columbus sailed from San Salvador on to Cuba and then to Haiti. Find Cuba and Haiti on a map. What type of landform are Cuba and Haiti? mountain

4. Comprehension questions:
  • Can you remember which ship crashed? Santa Maria
  • What did the Indians call Columbus and his men? White Gods
  • Where did they finally find gold? Haiti
  • What ship did Columbus ride on back to Spain? The Nina
  • What were some of the things that Columbus brought home with him to show the King and Queen? Parrots, strange fruits, sweet-smelling herbs, small chest of gold ornaments, and some Indians
  • Was Columbus a hero now? Yes
5. Discuss: When Columbus returned from his voyage he met with the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the king and queen gave Columbus the right to have his own coat of arms.  A coat of arms is the official symbols of a family, state, etc.  A coat of arms is a form of identification that goes back to before Roman times.  Back then the coat of arms was used to identify groups of fighting men within the Roman legion.  In the Middle Ages the coat of arms was used to identify each noble family.  Each item chosen to be in the design had a meaning.  After a family decided on a coat of arms the design was placed on shields, embroidered on tapestries, and carved in stone throughout the house.  It was also placed on swords and banners, and on special occasions the design was burnt into the top of breads.  The coat of arms that Columbus was assigned had a castle and a lion on it.  A few years later he added the island and anchors as a reminder of his adventures.
Columbus' Coat of Arms
Discuss: What the children would want on their coat of arms, the symbols should be reminders of significant events in their lives or of personal characteristics (sports, music, art, lion= courage, lamb= peace).  We used "Columbus' Coat of Arms" on page 25 of Hands on History Christopher Columbus by Mary Tucker. 
Coat of Arms
Sailing, Sailing
Review: What it would be like to sail on a ship for 2 months and why Columbus took a ship on his voyage rather that an automobile or airplane.  We used the Sailing, Sailing color page to review this.

Mountain Cake 
1. Columbus was looking for gold on the islands. The Indians told him there was gold in the mountains on Haiti. Mountains are another type of landform.

Define mountain-
Mountain: a high, raised part of the earth's surface, higher than a hill

2. Make a mountain of your own mountain cake.

Supplies: square cake (baking) pan, 1 glass oven-safe mixing bowl, 1 box cake mix, green frosting, chocolate frosting, oreo cookies, and whipped cream.

  • Make cake mix according to the recipe. Pour into your square pan until it is half full and use the rest in a glass mixing bowl. 
  • Bake according to recipe's directions. Test with toothpick.
  • Once cooled flip the cake in your glass mixing bowl on to your square cake.
  • Frost the square portion of your cake with green frosting. 
  • Frost the mountain part with chocolate frosting. 
  • Crush up Oreo cookies to crumble on your mountain. For a snowcapped effect you could top your mountain with whipped cream. 
    Mountain Cake

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