July 29, 2012

Summer Fun Day 7 -Water Balloons

Water Balloons
Read: Super Simple Things go do with Balloons by Kelly Doudna
Static Electricity
Balloon Rocket
Hex-nut In a Balloon
  1. Water balloons are similar to grenades in water balloon battles.
  2. Water balloons are very popular in celebrating religious festivals in India, Nepal, and several other countries.
  3. In Italy, water balloons, along with other water jokes, are traditionally used to celebrate during the last day of the school year.
Water Balloon Games
  1. Water Balloon Toss- Two children stand across from each other, one child has a water balloon. Toss a water balloon back and forth, stepping one step further back after each toss.
  2. Water Balloon Basketball- Two children stand across from each other, one child has a water balloon the other has a hula hoop. One child will hold the hoop in front of them. The other will shoot for the hoop with the water balloon. Then the children switch.
  3. Water Balloon Yo-yo- Fill a balloon, cut your rubber band, and tie one end of the band around the knot of your balloon. On the other side of the band, make a loop and tie a knot. Who's water balloon yo-yo will last the longest before it bursts?

Frozen Water Balloons


  • Balloons
  • water
  • food coloring
  • tape measure
  • scale
  • Pencil and paper
  • Salt
  • Food coloring
  • Goggles
  • Hammer
  1. Fill up balloons with water, weigh them on the scale and measure them with a tape measure.
  2. Record how big they are on the paper.
  3. Put them in the freezer over night.
  4. Get them out and weigh and measure them again. Record how big they are and notice that they are bigger today.
  5. Cut off the balloons and see the BIG round piece of ice.
  6. Pour salt on the ice and listen to it crack and watch it form craters.
  7. Add a drop of food coloring to the each of the cracks.
  8. As is melts the children can break it up with a hammer (don't forget to wear goggles).

Frozen Water Balloons

How much does your water balloon weigh with liquid water in it?

How big is your water balloon with liquid water in it?

Freeze your water balloon over night.

How much does your water balloon weigh frozen?

How big is your water balloon frozen?

Draw a picture of what you saw when you opened up your frozen balloon.

Water Balloon Math
  • Lots of filled water balloons.
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Tape measure
  • Paved area
  1. Division - Count up how many water balloons you have in all. Then, figure out how many each child will get.
  2. Fractions – Take turns choosing what color balloons you would like and figure out the fraction for each color.

     18 water balloons divided by 3 children equals 6 balloons each.
    J had 4/6 green balloons, 1/6 red balloons, and 1/6 yellow balloons.
  3. Geometry – Use a tape measure to measure your balloon's circumference (all the way around the balloon). 
  4. Addition – Make a bullseye on the ground with sidewalk chalk. Throw the water balloons aiming for the sections worth the most points. Keep track of your score. When the bullseye washes away the game is over.
  5. Measuring - Measure how big the splatter is when you throw your balloon on the ground (try to make a bigger splatter than your friend).

Water Balloon Relay Race
  • Lots of water balloons
  • Large serving spoons (one per team)
  • Small buckets (one per team)
  • String
  • Stick
  • Grassy play area
Set up a starting line, and a finish line, they will run the race back and forth between these 2 lines. Set up a BIG bucket of water balloons at the starting line and the finish line. The spoons go at the starting line, the buckets to at the finish line. Tie several balloons to the top of the swing set and have sticks near by. At any time during the race if the balloon is dropped then the player must go back to the starting line for that part of the race and try again.

  1. Race with you water balloon in a large serving spoon from the starting line to the finish line, when you get to the finish line for this part of the race sit on your balloon to pop it.
  2. Race with a water balloon between your knees back to the starting line, when you get to the finish line for this part of the race squeeze your balloon over you head to pop it.
  3. Take a balloon and run to the finish line, pop it over the small bucket to catch the water. Run back to the starting line to get another balloon and do it again to fill your bucket to the top with water.
  4. Run over to the swing set and pop a balloon with the stick.
Water Balloon Fight with Daddy!

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